“My wife and I have been have been travelling with Brittany Ferries for twenty years and you’re the best duo we’ve seen” Sylvia and Tom from St Malo

“We’ve been coming to this hotel for ten years and we’re going to tell all our friends about you because it’s wonderful to come and enjoy a real singer” Henry and Ethel from Cypress

“Well done!Very good” Earnest and May from London-Bretagne

“Thoroughly enjoyed it” Hayes couple from Bristol

“Thank you very much” Scott from Glasgow-Pont Aven

“Beautiful voice” Sandra an ex singer from Portsmouth-Pont Aven

“Very good! A classy act” Ray from Newcastle Thompson’s Cypress

“My Mother was a singer. We came in every night and you were pitch perfect".

"Really enjoyed it.” Gwyneth and Bryan from Cardiff

“Different but in a good way".

"Unique” Maria Thompson’s Cypress

“Nice set. Lovely music”. Len and Barbara from Cleethorpes

“Loved it” Patrick from Barnsley

“Fantastic!” Michl from Switzerland

“You were brilliant!” Bob and Margaret from Manchester

“Really enjoyed your singing” Martin from London

“Very good drumming” Yan from Germany on holiday in Ireland